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Why This is a Great Time to Sell...

It’s true that homes tend to sell more quickly and for closer to the asking price in the spring season.  The current housing market is favorable for sellers, with supply constraints and moderate buyer demand, making it a great time to sell. Additionally, with borrowing rates on the rise, it may be wise to sell sooner rather than later to capitalize on favorable conditions.

Most economists believe that affordability pressure from rising mortgage rates will continue to curb demand, causing prices to fall in many markets in winter.

So, if you're poised to sell, some experts contend that now is a better time than next year.  Overall, the best time to sell your home is the time that it makes the most sense for you.

1. Choose Me, A Top Notch Real Estate Professional
The experience and knowledge of a dedicated real estate professional can be priceless. Call today for a smooth, successful, stress-free sale with flexible fees.

2. Determining Needs/Wants For Timing Of The Sale and For Your New Home
Selling your primary residence to coincide with your new purchase is important.  You will probably have to act fairly quickly when your house sells, so any amount of preparation you can do will serve you well. 

3. Preparing The House For Showing
Your home will never get as much attention from potential buyers as when it is first listed, so clearing clutter, cleaning, making repairs, and putting your home’s best foot forward is essential. Let me be your guide to simplify the process.

4. Find Out What Your Local Market Looks Like
Day to day, circumstances change. There is no substitute for a hands on professional real estate representative when it comes to local market knowledge.

5. Get Your Home On The Market
Lots of photos and online exposure are the key to getting a good response for your listing. Working with a top notch agent who uses all the available marketing tools is a must.  Save on fees and get the excellent service you deserve.  Call Catherine Marcy today!